How to issue a transfer invoice in iClips?

Learn how to issue this type of invoice in the system

An agency can use a transfer bill to transfer part of a received total amount from the client to a supplier, keeping its commission.

In this case, the client receives a note with the total amount, but the tax only applies to the amount that is actually left for the agency.

  • First, we need to register the agency

When editing the agency's registration, check that the Data tab and the Invoice and Tax tab have all the information filled in correctly, including the tax rates.

giff nota fiscal

  1. Then, check if the item already got an entry in your finance before generating an invoice

    You may need to do an entry for a pre-billing item or create a new entry.

  2. We will then proceed to issue the transfer bill.

    Go to Finance > NFS-e > Entries (Generate NFS-e). Select one or more entries that will compose your invoice and click on Generate without sending.

giff 2 nota fiscal

It’s important not to send the lot directly because you will have to make two changes.

Calculation basis: in this field, you will inform the amount to be taxed. The invoice can be the total amount, but the calculation basis will be about only the agency commission. When changing the Calculation basis, the other fields, such as Deductions and Tax amount, will automatically change.

Once you made the change, click on Generate without sending again. The note will be in the Pending tab.

The second change is in the item Services List (LC 116/2003), also known as the activity code. The code for this item may be different from the service notes that the agency issues. Check with your accountant if this is the case in your city. If so, go to the Pending notes tab, click on the pencil to edit the desired note, make the change, and click Save.

giff 3 nota fiscal

After that, go back to the Pending notes tab, click on the desired note and then click Send Lot.

Your note will be sent to the city hall. After a few minutes, you can click on the icon with two green arrows to check if the note has been processed.

After that, the notes will be in the Sent tab, available for consultation and for sending to your customer.

Remember that invoice information screens may change slightly depending on the city where your agency is.

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