How to issue a project closure report

Find out how to view all the actions carried out in a specific project

How do I find the report?

To access the project closure report, go to Reports > B.I > Closure of the project.

Use the search field to find a specific project.

It is important to note that in order to have access to the data, the project (besides being approved in a proposal) must have its financial entries already inserted in the Entries block. That is, it cannot be stationary in the pre-billing.

What data will I see in the report?

Besides having a macro view of the project, you will have access to the most segmented information of the project, such as Media, Internal cost, Service orders, and Single entries.

Other interesting items that the report presents are the Summary data and Consolidated data of the project, thus facilitating its vision.

Strategic vision

Unlike others, this report centers on the project's financial closure (Receivable/Payable) and the information for financial reasons (Service orders, Internal cost, Media, and Separate entries). 

You will have the income and expenses data compiled for each project easily and nimbly as a manager.

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