How to improve your agency's financial health through projections

In this article, you will quickly learn how to improve your agency's financial health.

As important as the agency's creation aspect, the financial sector plays a decisive role in its sustainability and growth.

What are financial projections?

Projections are financial entries of receivables/payables that will be in your agency's coffer in a certain period.

How can projections help your agency's financial health?

Projections are essential tools for any business. And in the case of an advertising agency, where the volatility and seasonality of service are considerable, such level of control becomes even more necessary. Knowing the amounts receivable and payable in the short term can be the difference between growing or going through serious problems.

(Image 1: visualization of projections through the financial dashboard)

What items can I make the projections for?

In iClips, you can make consolidated revenue projections such as:

  • Monthly fee

Fixed costs:

  • Electricity:
  • Water:
  • Rent;
  • Payroll.

How to create financial projections?

These projections can be created simply and quickly. Just create an entry, use the replicate option (Image 2) and choose how many times you want to replicate it (Image 3).

Image 2:

Image 3:


This kind of planning will help your agency work better and more sustainably. Take advantage of this tool on your iClips, and prepare your agency for a period of growth and health.

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