How to generate event reports?

The Events Report allows you to view different types of information about the events developed by the agency. You are able to access: the person responsible for the event; the amounts charged and the supplier's values; the event's category and who was the supplier of each item; and the proposal status for the event.

To do this, go to Reports -> Event. The screen will open with no information. To generate the results, you can click directly on the search icon to list all the events, or filter the data in the advanced search field to find a specific one. You can filter using keyword, customer, job, or an event category, by status of the proposal, supplier, responsible, and event date.

After finishing your search, the system will show the searched event's data according to the search filter.

It is possible to print the report in PDF or generate an Excel version by using the icons in the right corner of the screen.

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