How to edit a financial entry?

Learn in this article what steps to take if you need to edit an entry

Financial entries include all the income or expenses of the agency. Through entries, you will be able to consult the incoming/outgoing income/expenses and analyze the cash flow and projection.

Even when making projections, changes happen and, if it is necessary to edit an entry, you can do it.

To do this, go to FINANCE > ENTRIES to find the desired entry:

The system always pulls the last used filter, but you can choose other filters by clicking on the arrow next to ‘advanced search’.

Use the search features to locate your record.
Hover over the entry to display the ‘edit’ icon. When you click on, it takes you to the original entry screen and you can edit whatever you want.

There is also the quick edit feature of the system, which allows you to modify several entries at once.

You should use the checkbox in the column on the left of the screen, then locate the button with three circles, which allows the following features.

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