How to calculate commissions from suppliers and vehicles

If your agency has the habit of billing Service Orders and Media Insertion Plan by gross, that is, with the supplier paying the commission, it is necessary to have control of these receipts.

iClips allows you to do this control and analyze the data.

Access REPORTS> B.I. > COMMISSION BY SUPPLIER. The screen will open in white. To generate the results, you need to define a period for the search:

And you can further refine your search by clicking the button:

Advanced search options include job, customer and supplier, among others. 

After completing the search, the system will display the data in a graph in the first part of the screen. The colored bars indicate the input values (in blue) and those still receiving (in yellow).

Below you will see the chart information in the form of a table. There you will have, in descending order, the name of the supplier, the value of entries in the period, the amount receivable, the percentage that he represents among the suppliers, and the total value.

You can print the report in PDF or generate the Excel version. To do so, use the icons:

Use this report to keep your relationship with your suppliers organized and fluid. It helps you keep track of what you have received and still have to receive from each supplier.