How to assess client pending payments

With the Client Pending Payments report, it is possible to track the amounts billed, what has already been paid, what is due and what has already entered into defaults (payments whose due date has passed).

To access it, just go to Reports > Reports and B.I. > Pending Client Payments.

The standard screen opens without any information, displaying only the categories in the navigation options and the filter field. To generate the data and perform the analysis, just click on the “Filter by” button. It will be possible to select the information by project, by the client, by the supplier or by expiration date:

After applying the filters, the system will display the items in a table. From the navigation options at the top of the screen, you can choose which indicators you want to analyze (SOs, Internal Cost, Media and Summary).

The Summary view provides a complete picture of the entire search. It can be very useful when performing overview analyzes, whether regarding a client or a specific project.

It is also possible to print the report in PDF or generate its version in Excel! To do this, just click on the icons located in the upper right corner of your screen:

Now you can keep track of your defaults and have more optimized management of your finances!

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