How does Visually decide what content to accept?

All uploads to Visually go through a review process by site editors. Whether the content is accepted or deleted, the user who uploaded the visual will receive a notification via email informing them of the outcome of the review.

Among the possible reasons a visual can be deleted are:

  • It does not pass Visually acceptance standards
  • It is a duplicate post
  • It is inappropriate or explicit content
  • It is spam
  • The submission has technical difficulties
  • It is an infographic uploaded as an interactive 

Visually reserves the right to make all judgements about content and whether it falls into one of the unacceptable categories. Some submissions may walk the line; content is reviewed individually in each case before a decision is reached.

To have the best chances of getting accepted, review our list below. This is not a complete list but it should serve as a general guideline for Visually’s acceptance standards. 

For all visuals (infographics, videos, interactives, presentations), the following must be true:

  • Not overly explicit. (what does this mean? We’ll know it when we see it.)
  • Sufficient resolution.
  • Information submitted along with the content (description, tags, language field, etc.)      matches the content.
  • Relies on the visuals to communicate (a mixture of text and images).
  • Not just a photograph.
  • Not comprised only of text without any design elements.


The following are examples of great content:

  • Infographics
USA Today Ad Meter 2014
  • Interactives
The Internet in Africa: A Snapshot
Tip: Make sure there are interactive elements other than just linked buttons. 
  • Videos
Mass Incarceration in the US
Tip: Make sure to have proper licenses for all music and content prior to upload.
  • Presentations
Bandwidth App Platform Presentation

For those who really want to go the extra mile, take a look at our Staff Pick Guide: What Makes a Visually Staff Pick?