How do I perform an analysis of my Cost Centers?

What is the Cost Center?

The Cost Center is a unit within a company that can represent, for example, its departments. The Cost Center can be considered an efficient way to group income and expenses, demonstrating better knowledge and business' analysis.

In the report, you can follow the evolution of revenues and expenses associated with the Cost Center, as shown on the screen below.

relatorio do centro de custos

To access the report, go to Reports and B.I. > Financial > Cost Center Report.

A blank screen will open, and you can use the commands to analyze at the screen's top. You can search for Year, Cost Center and also view them in detail or briefly. You can also select if you want to see by Box or Competence.

relatorio centro custo setas

Finally, you can also generate a PDF or Excel file. Just click on the icons below.


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