How Do I File a Support Ticket?

For any issues encountered with our platform please direct your inquiries to the Support Team via Email:


Please include the following information in every ticket:

  1. Account name, e.g. “Live Demo”
  2. Full description of the request
  3. Stream ID or Stream Name in the backend
  4. If available: URL-frontend-link of the stream


Want to speed things up?

To expedite the process and resolve tickets more quickly, answers to the following questions will help.

  1. Where is your problem happening: backend or front end?
  2. Browser and computer type or/and mobile phone type?
  3. Connectivity - wired in or WiFi?
  4. Screenshot
  5. Have you tried to reproduce the issue on different network or machine

In the middle of an event?

You can file an Urgent support ticket. Read the definitions below to see what we define as urgent.


  • 20 minutes first response time ( 24 X 7)
  • Ticket/s must be filed during a catastrophic event such as live event/blog is down, client can’t access to platform during a live event/blog is about to start or our service/s is/are down.  Just add ‘Urgent’ word anywhere in the email.


  • One (1) business day first response time (Local Business Hours M - F)
  • Ticket/s where client is waiting on the next steps - such as Implementation Tickets/API tickets.  Just add a word ‘High’ anywhere in the email.