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What is the Visually Platform Workspace?

The Visually Platform is a destination for clients and creatives to create amazing visual content together. We are global in scale, which allows us to work with exceptional talent from all over the world. Anyone who creates content with Visually uses a Personal Workspace already. That space makes it fast and easy to manage your own projects. but gives no visibility into other projects within your company or shared brand assets. Workspace Pro subscribers gain access to a Company Workspace grants visibility into other projects within your company, shared brand assets, and premium features. Learn more about the Workspace Pro.

We match work in designers’ portfolios to style preferences selected by the client in the Creative Brief. Something to consider is that our system prioritizes design skill and “the match” over location, which means (for example) a client from the UK could be working with a designer in Singapore and a journalist in Canada. Our online Project Center makes time zone differences manageable, and we love the quality and diverse styles of our Certified Talent from all over the world.

During a project on our platform, clients and talent will work directly with one another, mostly independent of Visually staff. We find that this direct communication of feedback and ideas leads to great results.

The Visually Workspace was created to keep projects moving forward without the need to schedule phone calls. Phone calls are allowed as long as things get recapped in the Project page, but it’s important to keep in mind that in our experience, scheduling phone calls will almost always extend the length of a project.

If for some reason there’s any questions or issues during the course of a project, both clients and talent can reach out to Help can assist with a range of issues, including changing the scope of your project (for example: add-ons), helping to facilitate communication, and gathering your feedback on the Visually process as a whole.

We are still growing and changing, and we welcome your ideas for how we can make the process better.

Getting Started

Once you’re ready, head on over to your Workspace and select Start a Project. From there you'll have a conversation with a team member who can help determine if the Visually process will work for your next project. You’ll discuss pricing, deadlines, and the scope of your project.

Once you’ve signed up for a free portfolio at, post as much applicable work as possible to your profile, and head on over to our For Creatives page, where you’ll be able to apply to work on client projects.


It’s extremely important to Visually that clients can trust the creative team with their data and information. To this end, all clients and creatives sign our Terms and Conditions upon agreeing to work using the Visually Platform. It’s very important that creative teams keep Platform work private unless the client approves public release.

For some projects, this means that the creative team will never be able to share the final piece, and for other projects it means the creative team needs to wait until after the client’s public release. Most projects that are meant to be public will get shared by the client on where sharers can credit the designers and journalists who contributed to the project. If you see a project of yours that is for some reason uncredited- Claim it!

To Sum Up
Posting work on a Visually portfolio without client approval is grounds for immediate decertification and removal from the Platform. We find that creative professionals are not willing to risk their career, as well as Visually’s reputation, by sharing work prematurely. If for some reason you spot something from our Platform that should not be out in the wild- let us know!