How It Works


Could you explain how WriterAccess workflow and process work, in one swoop?

Freelancers who are accepted receive an initial star rating of 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, which is determined by the strength of their profiles, work samples, and initial application and test score.

A freelancer's level can improve (or decline) as assignments are completed and rated as Met, Didn't Meet or Exceed expectations by customers.

Customers can place orders with writers using a pay-per-word order (using the rates preset by WriterAccess that vary by star level) or pay-per-order order form.

Orders with designers and freelancers who complete visual projects can be priced by customers and sent to freelancers for approval, or posted as a casting call requesting a quote.

Once an order is reserved, freelancers are REQUIRED to fulfill the order requirements to the specifications on the order form. Dropping orders is unacceptable for any reason, including customers' inability to respond to you with questions you may have about the order.  

Once an order is submitted by the freelancer for approval, the customer can either approve the work or request revisions.

We require freelancers to comply with a minimum of one revision request if the customer returns the first submission with comments. Our terms, however, offer customers an unlimited number of revision requests. Please open a help desk ticket for support if you feel customers are not able to pinpoint what needs changing or fixing to meet the requirements.

When an order is approved, the rights to the content are transferred to the customer and the payment for the work is released for the next pay cycle, or available for immediate withdrawal.

Could you summarize how it works for clients hiring me?

Customers order content creation services from freelancers, providing instructions on each order or project. The order/project requirements may include links, attachments, rules, requests, and specifications freelancers must review and agree to when picking up the order/project.

Customers can submit orders to a single freelancer or a team of freelancers if those freelancers have been added to their “Love List.”

Customers can also post Casting Calls that let you apply to be selected for future orders/projects.

Customers can also post Crowd Orders or MatchMeUp orders. Crowd orders are distributed to the general crowd on a first-come, first-serve basis. MatchMeUp orders are distributed to freelancers with the appropriate skills and star levels who eligible to pick up the orders, giving each freelancer one hour to accept the order before it's delivered to the next freelancer on the list. 

Customers only pay for content they approve—which should always meet the specifications and order requirements. Customers are allowed an unlimited number of revisions, but our team is here to support any help tickets should you encounter any problems executing projects/orders.

Finally, customers must pre-deposit any funds to you if the order/project is approved. Funds are made available to you upon such approval, paid to you twice a month or on-demand with withdrawal requests. 

As noted, WriterAccess provides mediation for both freelancers and customers as part of the service for no additional fees.

I'm approved. How do I get started with gigs and the community?

Here are some options to get started with WriterAccess in the community and on your own:

• Send a note to our Talent Manager ( that you're excited to get going (You'll be hearing from them throughout the onboarding process)

• Review the Help Center for both Freelancers and Customers

• Scout Crowd Orders regularly and exceed expectations on any gigs you land to help you boost your search result ranking

• Respond to all the Casting Calls that interest you in a personal way, noting your excitement and experience for the opportunity

• Log In daily at least one a day to boost your positions in the search engines

• Add additional portfolio samples, which get crawled by our algorithm for text analysis and matching with customers samples

• Look for invites to webinars and workshops designed to help you advance your career

• Visit WriterAccess Academy and earn your Content Strategy MasterClass badge that you can showcase on your profile page

• Check out our Product Roadmap and up-vote ideas for WriterAccess betterment or post your own idea

• Open a Help Desk Ticket if you can't find the answers you need in our Help Center

Welcome Aboard!  Hope these ideas help you launch on the most successful trajectory!

How can I improve my visibility and eligibility for orders/projects?

Orders get picked up as quickly as they're placed. Freelancers can increase their exposure among clients by becoming more interactive on the site by:

Responding to Casting Calls. Customers use Casting Calls to find the right freelancers for their projects. Freelancers can apply to Casting Calls by providing a personalized response detailing their qualifications, interest, and availability. Freelancers can be added to the customer’s Love List directly from a Casting Call.

Responding to private messages. Sometimes a customer will find freelancers in a general search because values on a freelancer's profile match the experience and qualifications required for a project. Customers can send messages to a freelancer directly to discuss projects.

Communication must remain on WriterAccess. Once freelancers become more involved in Casting Calls and messaging, they increase their exposure on the platform and will be eligible to access more orders.

The more orders you complete with Met or Exceed Expectations ratings by customers, the more visibility and eligibility you have for gigs.

How do I get on a Love List to become eligible for orders?

Customers add their favorite freelancers to Love Lists and teams for many reasons. These include onboarding efficiency, consistency with the tone and style of content, dependability with order delivery, and more.

When a client adds you to their Love List or a team, you’re positioned to receive orders when they're launched to the list or team on a first-come, first-served basis.

Only one freelancer will secure an order, hereby agreeing to all the requirements, specifications, and delivery goals.

Staying on a Love List is the goal for all freelancers. It's also something we track with all freelancers to help us rank freelancers in the search results.

What type of projects and orders can I expect at WriterAccess?

A wide range of orders are placed on WriterAccess for writers, including advertisements, annual reports, articles, banner ads, blog posts, books, brochures, case studies, catalog entries, datasheets, direct mail, email copy, Facebook posts, grants, mobile content, newsletters, presentations, press releases, product descriptions, proposals, radio spots, speeches, traditional scripts, Twitter posts, video scripts, web pages, webinar presentations, webinar scripts, and white papers.

The same level of variety applies to editors, content strategists, designers, illustrators, animators, photographers, videographers, and all the freelance talent we represent.

Gigs and projects seem to come in all shapes and sizes here at WriterAccess!

How can I earn my Industry Elite badge?

Writers with industry experience and/or education in a particular industry can apply for Industry Elite status at WriterAccess once they have completed 10 orders in that industry. The Elite status is awarded to talented writers who demonstrate industry-specific writing experience and extensive background in a career field. They have established themselves as some of the best writers on the WriterAccess platform through their talents, dedication and contributions to creating quality content.

Industry Elite writers receive a badge on their profile and clients can select writers for their projects based the status. Elite status writers also receive a bump up in the search results for that industry. Each writer can only have five industries with Elite badges. All writers who have industry experience are encouraged to indicate their qualifications on their profiles.

What are Crowd, Love List, and Solo orders?

These terms refer to the way the order is sent to the freelancer, rather than the level of the order. Crowd orders are released to any freelancer who wants to claim them, provided they match or exceed the star level of the order. Love List orders are sent to the group of freelancers on the client's Love List, and solo orders are sent directly to a single freelancer. All levels of content orders are potentially available via these distribution methods.

What is a Casting Call and how do they work?

Customers post Casting Calls to find freelancers for their content projects with the skill and expertise they need for success. It's a recruiting tool that allows customers to specify their project details including description, requirements, and more. Customers can either suggest a price or request a price by you, the freelancer, for the project.

Freelancers must be at the minimum star rating requested by the client to apply. 

We do recommend that you apply only if you:

• Accept the gig if selected

• Review the details for alignment with your interests

• Confirm your ability to deliver the project/order timely

Sometimes the WriterAccess internal staff will recommend freelancers who have the industry expertise required (as indicated on their profiles).

In that case, email notifications are sent out to the freelancers and they can respond with details as to why they're the best fit.

Remember that even if a customer does not select you to execute the order, they are able to add you and any other applicants to their Love List for future orders.

When will I have access to gigs and assignments?

Once you're approved and launched on the platform, you'll have full access to content orders, projects, crowd orders, and Casting Calls. You'll also be listed in the search results, and move up in the listings as you increase your login activity and apply for Casting Calls with personal interest and experience. The approval process may take a couple of weeks.