Filtering Content Analytics by Multiple Dimensions

Dashboard > Measure > Audience
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  1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Measure > Content in the navigation menu in the left margin of your screen.
  2. A list of your streams will appear, filtered by the following default dimensions:
    • Total Engagement Minutes
    • Page Views
    • Unique Page Views
    • Average Time on Page (M)
    • Conversion Rate (%)
  3. Filter your content analytics further by choosing filters from the drop-down menu. Add additional filters, by clicking the + sign. Remove a filter by clicking the X.
  4. Select the time period you would like to view data for, using the drop-down menu. View your filtered audience analytics from the previous day, or over a 7 day, 30 day, 90 day or custom time period.
  5. Save your filter segment by clicking on the Save Segment button, to easily access this filter again in the future.

  6. The following additional dimensions are available to further filter your content. Filter each dimension further, using the drop-down menus, and clicking on the Filter button:
    • Total Engaged Audience
    • Total Active Audience
    • Total New Prospects
    • Total Social Shares
    • Total Likes
    • Total Posts
    • Total Comments
    • Total Published Comments
    • Total Return Visitors
    • Start Date
    • Close Date
    • Open Date
    • Category
    • Title