Filtering Content Analytics by Multiple Dimensions

Dashboard > Measure > Audience
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  1. Go to your Dashboard. Click on Measure > Content in the navigation menu in the left margin of your screen.
  2. A list of your streams will appear, filtered by the following default dimensions:
    • Total Engagement Minutes
    • Page Views
    • Unique Page Views
    • Average Time on Page (M)
    • Conversion Rate (%)
  3. Filter your content analytics further by choosing filters from the drop-down menu.

  4. The following additional dimensions are available to further filter your content. Filter each dimension further, using the drop-down menus, and clicking on the Filter button:
    • Total Engaged Audience
    • Total Active Audience
    • Total New Prospects
    • Total Social Shares
    • Total Likes
    • Total Posts
    • Total Comments
    • Total Published Comments
    • Total Return Visitors
    • Start Date
    • Close Date
    • Open Date
    • Category
    • Title