Feedback: Best Practices

Visually Projects typically include multiple revisions of each deliverables. In order to keep your project in scope and on time, we've explained below the basic questions that need to be asked/answered for each round.


1st Outline

  • Is the tone appropriate?
  • Is your data (if applicable) accurately reflected?
  • Does the research (if applicable) support your goals?
  • Is there any data missing?

Final Outline

  • Are all your changes included?
  • Is the data accurate and are the sources included?
  • Are there are any typos or missing information? 


Design: Round 1
The first revision round is intended to address the biggest changes.

Elements to consider at this stage:

  • Do you require changes to the font?
  • Do you require changes to the color palette?
  • Does the project successfully follow the brand guidelines?
  • Provide feedback on the style and form. Do the design elements accurately reflect your selections from the Creative Brief?
  • Provide feedback on the structure. Are you happy with the flow of the information? 
  • Do you like the text to graphic ratio?
Feedback should be consolidated and provided at one time. Most projects have multiple stakeholders at the client level - it's important to get feedback from all stakeholders before moving forward. If the CEO has not seen the graphic until after the final revision and decides to make changes, the project is likely to require additional revision rounds for a fee.

Feedback should be specific. For example “I like the style of charts in this infographic here: (link), and the style of icons used here: (link). Please use these styles for the next draft." Hopefully some design examples were provided in the Creative Brief, but if not, it's likely that these examples will help the designer the most.

Feedback should be actionable. For example "Title color needs to be changed to green and made larger.” Feedback like "This really needs more depth" could be interpreted too many different ways - it is in the client's best interest to verbalize or show what is meant by "depth."

Tip from our Marketplace pros: If possible, use pdf comments! It's easy to place comments in exactly the section you are referencing, and reduces the amount of writing overall.

For additional advice, check out this article on our blog! How to talk to your Graphic Designer. 

Design: Round 2​

  • Was all your feedback from your first round included? 
  • Is the data accurate and are the sources included? 
  • Does the project successfully follow the brand guidelines?
  • List any typo or content changes (note that content changes should be kept to a minimum)

Elements to consider at this stage also include minor tweaks to colours, text, and positioning.

Design: Post Final Draft
Ensure all your feedback from round two was included and no typos or grammar errors made it past the final round of edits. If you need any additional design revisions, let us know at and we'll be happy to get those added to your scope.
When you mark the project as Complete, please rate your designer and overall experience- this feedback is essential to improving the Marketplace and prioritizing new features!