Facebook Topic Searches

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The Topic Feed API provides a ranked feed of public posts from Facebook that mention a specific topic. All public posts (posts with the audience selector set to “public”) are included in the feed, except posts from Profiles that do not have “follow” turned on.

Use Case: Media organizations can use the Topic Feed API to view the most popular posts for a specific topic. For example, during a basketball game, a TV network can display on-air a ranked feed of what people on Facebook are saying publicly about a specific player. The network could view the posts returned by the API ahead of time to ensure that they are high quality. 


Using Topic Search

First, select the Facebook tab from the Search Hub. Then;

  1. Select "Topic Search" from the drop-down and search for a topic
  2. If there are search results, they will populate below the search field; click the topic that best matches your search
  3. Posts related to that topic will appear below the topic result. Publish post to your stream using either the Approve check-mark or drag post into Advanced Editor


Topic Ranking Factors

Topic search results are ranked based on multiple factors, including:

  • Overall engagement with the post (i.e. number of likes, shares, and comments)
  • Whether the post comes from verified pages and/or profiles