Facebook Pre-Fetch Visitors

Facebook employs a process called “pre-fetch” which loads the page mobile ads are linked to as users scroll past those ads. The goal of pre-fetching sites ads are linked to is to load them faster for users on mobile devices that might not be connected to high speed internet.

As a result of this pre-fetch process that loads pages as users scroll past ads, Facebook users that scroll past ads that are tied to your ion experiences will be counted as visits regardless of whether or not users click your ad. This can result in a spike in traffic to your ion experiences which you will want to remove from your console in order to ensure your metrics and capacity accurately reflect the number of respondents who actually viewed your ion experiences.

You can download a raw data file to review Facebook pre-fetch visits. These visits will have a referrer URL of m.facebook.com. For more information on downloading a raw data file, click here.

To delete these respondents, you will want to copy the IP addresses of your m.facebook.com visitors who do not have lead information present and then navigate into your ion console’s Manage Capacity screen (Settings > Manage Capacity). From here, you can paste your list of IP addresses into the delete respondent by IP address textbox and then hit the red delete button.


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