Facebook Automation

Facebook automation allows you to automatically publish trusted Facebook Fan Page content. This feature makes it quick and easy to source trusted content directly from Facebook - without requiring additional resources to curate the content.


Any Stream > Menu > Automate > Facebook

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How To Auto-Follow a Facebook Fan Page

Auto-following a Facebook Fan Page will allow posts to automatically publish to the front-end experience

1. From the Write page of your Stream navigate to Menu > Automate > Facebook at the top of the page. Note: A Facebook account must also be connected to your Live account.

2. Search for and select a specific Fan Page. 

3. Select either Feed or Post and click Follow:

Note: You can follow multiple Fan Pages at the same time. 

How To Remove an Automated Facebook Fan Page 

To stop pulling in posts from a particular Facebook Fan Page, simply click the Unfollow button. 

Facebook Embeds

Automating from Facebook Fan Pages pulls in Facebook Embeds. These posts support rich Facebook media (such as video), helping you to provide your audience with engaging content.

When a Front-End user clicks LikeComment, or Share on the Facebook Embed, he or she will be interacting directly with Facebook. For example, clicking Comment on the Facebook Embed will open a commenting panel in Facebook for that Fan Page post. 

Sample Embed:


Twitter Terms of Service:


When automating your streams with Tweets in a vertical display (e.g. basic embed), it is against Twitter's Terms of Service to also pull in automated posts from Facebook.



  • You CAN simultaneously automate from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in Pinboard or Timeline
  • You CAN simultaneously pull in posts from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram manually - selecting individually from the Discover Hub/Social Side Rail