Enhanced Metrics Package: Source Metrics

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > REPORTING > Analytics > Source Metrics
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Live analytics for a stream extends to embeds, whitelabels, API usage and more. Note: Third-party analytic packages may not track user engagement metrics for all these sources. We strongly recommend that you place third-party analytic tracking codes on all reader streams via the TopHTML section of your template to get an accurate metrics’ comparison of your stream’s performance.

  1. Go to your stream. Click on Menu > REPORTING > Analytics in the drop-down-menu at the top of your streams page, to go to your stream’s Statistics page. Scroll down and open the Source Metrics tab to view metrics for each source hosting your stream. Choose from these available sources:
    • API
    • White Label
    • Embed
    • Mobile
    • LiveArticle Embed
    • Recent Post Embed
    • Single Post Page
    • Most Recent Posts Widget
  2. Click on the available source tabs to view Total Page Views , Total Unique Page Views, and Total Engagement Minutes .


Total Page Views

The total number of times a stream was loaded in a browser to date. If a user reloads the page after reaching the initial page, an additional pageview is counted. If a user navigates to a different page and then returns to the original page, an additional pageview is recorded as well.

Total Unique Page Views

The total number of times a stream was loaded in a web browser by a unique user during the selected time period. That is if a network has one external IP address, but many users, our analytics can still accurately track how many people are watching a stream. This cookie expires after 24 hours and will be counted as a new unique if a user returns to the page after the cookie has expired.  

Engagement Minutes

The total number of minutes all individual users spent engaging with your content. Seconds are rounded up to the next minute.

Please contact your  account representative for more information about our Enhanced Metrics Package.