Edit or Delete Posts

A post can be edited or deleted even after it has been published to a stream, giving you editorial control over the content you present to your audience.

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Write
Permission Level: 


How to Edit a Post in the Content Studio

1. Click on the Options icon at the bottom-right of the post to open the options menu.

Edit SaveCancel  Note: Saved changes will update automatically on the Front-End experience.


Known Limitations in Content Studio

  • Posts that contain an embed script can NOT be edited after publishing. 
  • Dragging a post containing an embed script into the RTE from the Mod Hub or a Raw Feed will not appear until publish. 
  • Posts that contain both social posts + embed script cause the social post not to render.


How to Delete a Post in the Content Studio

 Options iconDelete
 Note: This selected post will be deleted permanently.