Create and Add Posts from Any Live Stream - RAW FEED

A Raw Feed is a live stream that is not connected to any Whitelabel template or embedded on any page. It is a stream that only exists in the back-end of Live and can be a useful tool for editors that want to prepare content in advance and pull in that content during live coverage of an event. Read more about Raw Feeds here.


Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Write
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Create a Raw Feed

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Administrator  |  Developer  |  Editor

Creating a Raw Feed is as easy as setting up any other stream. There are three steps to be aware of when creating a Raw Feed:

  • Ensure that the stream's Title communicates that it is a Raw Feed.
  • Ensure that the stream's Close time is set for after an event.
  • Do not publish the stream.

1. To create a new stream, click on the Quick Start Create New Stream button on your Dashboard, or click on Create > New Stream on the left navigation bar.

2. Fill out your stream's details. Note: Only the Title field is required to create a stream. We recommend using the words "Raw Feed" in the title when creating a Raw Feed.  Click here to learn more about all possible stream details.

3. In the Schedule Time module, set the Open Stream time to Now. Schedule the Close Stream time to a date or time later than the close time of your live published stream. Note: A Raw Feed must be Open/Live for its content to be accessed

4. Skip step 2: Template, as this stream will not be connected to any templates (i.e., your stream will not be published on any pages. It will exist in the back-end only.)

5. Invite Writers to your stream, if you would like your writers to have access to adding content to your raw feed.

6. Click on the Write icon to start adding content to your raw feed. Your raw feed is now set up. 

Add Posts from a Raw Feed in the Content Studio

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Administrator  |  Developer  |  Editor  |  Moderator  |  Writer

When you are in a stream, you are able to pull in content from any other open/live stream in your account. This makes it easy to reuse content or prepare content in advance.

To pull in content from a Raw Feed/live stream:

1. Go to the Search Content column at the far right of the page and click the Live Streams tab.

2. Search for your desired stream in the Select a Stream section

3. The content will populate from your chosen stream.

4. Simply click the Checkmark icon to publish or the Plus icon to add the content to your Moderation Hub.