How to find Contests

  • Found on left navigation
  • Contest Dashboard - shows current, drafts, and archived contests.
  • Filter by contest type (archived, draft, current)
  • Status appears on the contest card (along with dates.)
  • For each contest you can Edit, Delete, Contest Submissions (Moderation), Export


Creating a New Contest

  • Click Create Contest
  • Edit Status: Change from Published, Archived...put contest is Draft if you don't want it to be visible.
  • Title: Mandatory (red star)
  • Banner Image: Upload image file.
  • Description: All intructions for submissions and voting (e.g. You can only vote once!)
  • Number of Winners
  • Winners Type : How will winner be selected
  • Dates: Submissions Dates, Voting dates
  • Display votes on front-end
  • Anonymous voting: ????
  • Uploads - how many?
  • Media type, - image, video, both?
  • Add a custom field  - select type....This is for the submission application.
  • Save Changes - Draft
  • Publish - Live on site
  • Return to this page by clicking the edit button.



  • 3 sections:
  • (1) New Submissions  - need you attention - do you want to publish them, delete them, etc?
  • (2) Approved - all approved images live here.
  • (3) Rejected - Can't delete - stays in rejected section.
  • Number of votes appears under each image (for Highest Votes option)

Note - For submission time - you can select from the list or override time by typing into the box.


What will Admin Selection look like in the Approved section?


Publishing the Contest:

  • By default - all published contests appear on the whitelabel in the new/improved formatted style
  • Contests also generate an embed code - embedded anywhere on your site - responsive.


User experience:

  • Front-end user navigate to your page - they'll see banner image and submission/voting dates
  • During voting period, a pinboard appears at the bottom of the page, one hover, voting options appear.
  • Click Vote icon. Front-end users can only vote once.


User Submission:

  • Submit via site upload
  • ONLY Submission type - site upload


Winner Selection & Communication:

  • Highest Voted: The winner(s) appears on the contest page automatically. Email address of person submitting appears on the photo page. You can reach out.
  • Admin selection: Admin decides when to select. The ones selected will appear on the contest page. BY default - all approved submissions are displayed.