Contest FAQ


Where does my Contest get displayed?/Where can my audience view my Contest?

There are a few ways your contest can be viewed:

  1. Contest Dropdown

Creating contest will automatically generate a CONTEST link at the top of a White Label alongside existing channels.  Clicking the link will display all contests created for that White Label. Click into any contest to see all its submissions.

  1. Content Island

Create a Content Island and select Contest from the dropdown list.  This creates an Island that displays a sampling of Contest content.  These will be displayed on your White Label just like any other Content Island.

  1. Widget

Choosing a Widget to display Contest content does so via slideshow.  As above, simply choose ‘Contest’ from the Type drop down menu.


How do users vote? Can I see the vote tally?

The voting option is displayed when:

  • ‘Highest Voted’ is selected for winner selection type, and
  • we are past the voting start date.

One vote per login.  By default, users need to register to vote.

If using voting for winner by Administrative Selection, you can see how many votes each image has from the backend.


When do users vote?

Users can’t vote until submissions have ended.  The submission start/end dates are determined when you create your Contest. Additionally, you must set the voting start/end dates.


How is the winner notified?

Winners are notified manually by email.  Another option would be to use CSS to add a custom text banner at the top of the White Label/Contest, publicly announcing the winner:

“Congratulations Jim!  Your photo ‘Midnight Snack’ has won our Amateur category!”

How can I make my Contest stand out?

You can customize your contest using photos, adding a description, or including a call to action!