Channel Settings

Channels were designed to allow you the flexibility to publish and promote content across multiple channels within the Live interface. 

Channel Settings allow you to add, maintain and remove connections to third-party channels. Third-party channels include CMSs, such as your Wordpress site, or social media networks like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Linking channels to your Live account allows you to easily publish and amplify content created within Live to your third-party channels. 


Channels are set at the user level, and are only accessible to the user who added the channel, as opposed to your entire Live client account.


Locate your Channel Settings

To locate your Channel Settings, click on Plan > Settings located on the left navigation bar. You can view, add or remove your channels from this page at any time. 



Add a Channel

To add a channel to your Channel Settings page, click on the logo of the channel you wish to connect your Live account to, and fill in your login credentials. Click on Save Channel.


Remove a Channel

To remove a channel, locate the channel you wish to remove from your Channel Settings page and click on the 'X'.