Calculating your agency's structure cost

When we think about the cost, we immediately want to know how much time our team spends to fulfill its demands. On iClips, this measurement is made by the timesheet. But we know that there are other costs we must consider. In this article, we’ll show you how to view your agency’s total cost.

The structure cost includes all costs that an agency has, whether fixed or variable. This analysis is extremely relevant for any manager. These costs can range from energy bill payments, rent, and payroll to buying new furniture for the workspace.

The first step to having a better vision is to make all the financial entries in iClips. It's also interesting to register the categories and subcategories that will encompass these releases. That makes it easier to view reports more clearly in the future. After that, the system starts to automatically generate reports that will base your decision-making process.

Which reports should I use to view my structure cost?

Expense/Revenue Comparison

This report will give you an incredible view of what your agency collects (Revenue) and what it spends (Expense). Another interesting item is that this report shows the expense weight (%) on your revenue.

Financial Indicators

This report already shows a quarterly view of revenues and expenses. It will also help you to know more about the cost of your structure.

Income Statement for the Year

This report summarizes the operations carried out in the company, including an average of the months sought. That helps a lot to visualize the growth or decrease in recurring expenses at the agency.

Good pricing takes into account the time spent x the hourly value of the employees involved. Thus, we can incorporate the structure cost into the employee's hourly/labor value. By doing this way, the final cost value is more assertive and accurate.

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