Best Practices for a Successful Project

We’re committed to helping you be successful within the Visually Platform–and to ensuring that your project is completed on time and within scope. 

Following are three areas that are key to a smooth project. 

The Creative Brief

Your first step for a successful project is providing a complete and thoughtful brief. The information provided in your Creative Brief performs two key functions:

1. Project Matching

The information you provide here will be used by our team of experts to help select the most skilled creative professionals for your project. From writers to designers to project managers questions found in the brief are formulated to assist us in ensuring we match your project to the right team.

2. Project Execution

The brief remains available to your team throughout project to ensure that your deliverables are on brief and on brand. A reference point for tone, style, and format, it act’s as your project’s North Star and guides your team as they complete your project. 

Read more about the Creative Brief and view sample briefs here.

Providing Feedback

One of the most important steps to ensuring a successful project is timely and consolidated feedback. Don't be afraid to point what you love–or what you may not.

The best feedback should be actionable and follow these guidelines:

1. Consolidate all feedback

Feedback should be consolidated and provided at one time. Most projects have multiple stakeholders and it's important to get feedback from all stakeholders before moving forward. If your CMO or client has hefty feedback late in the process,  the project is likely to require additional revision rounds for a fee.

2. Be as specific as possible

Say this...

The background and headers feel too dark. Please apply the lighter colour palate from our branding guidelines.  

Instead of this...

I don't like the colours.

3. Stick to the timeline

The design process is iterative and we’ve built our timelines to provide ample opportunities for you to provide input and feedback on your deliverables. In order to keep your project within scope and on time, follow the feedback milestones as outlined in the Project Timeline. If you have questions regarding your timeline or require any adjustments, please contact your Project Coordinator or Customer Success Manager.

If you need help reviewing and providing feedback on a draft, we're happy to guide you through the feedback process.

Communicating with your Team

The Visually Platform was created to manage collaboration with your team. You can easily post and respond to messages within the Activity feed, use the Chat features to speak privately with collaborators, and even respond to messages directly from your email.

The Platform also tracks and house all project files–tracking deliverables version as the project moves forward.

While we understand that you and your team may choose to hold kick-off or project calls outside of the Platform, it is important that action items and decisions are tracked within the Activity Feed. Your Project Coordinator will take the lead in ensuring communication is appropriately tracked. Keeping all communication with the Platform ensures that we can support you, the creative team, and the work completed.