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What are your thoughts on NLP, AI-powered content creation, and human writers?

Can we receive an invoice by the freelancers for international tax compliance?

What are your thoughts on NLP, AI-powered content creation, and human writers?

I’m as excited as anyone about the promise of what companies like ContentBot,, and Content Villain are bringing to the content marketing revolution. They’re potentially making the art and science of content creation smarter, faster, better, and wiser, so we can engage any audience, and keep them coming back for more.

What I’m not excited about is the results, and how they are building models that by nature will not succeed.

There’s a very low barrier for entry for anyone to start up a natural language processing (NLP) business and join the AI revolution with open source tools like OpenAI and many others. But the sad truth is that the “output” is only as good as the “input,” and there is just not enough processing power to really produce the quality needed to replace a writer—not to mention the strategic process behind the writer that makes the content great.

Extreme-scale deep learning is on the way, but it’s not here yet for wizardry content creation.

For example, Microsoft reports that in the last three years:

  • Deep learning has grown over 1000X, from 100 million parameters to 100 billion (GPT-3)
  • But the single GPU memory has increased only 5X (16 GB to 80 GB)

Basically, deep learning hits a plateau until new training methods like parallelism technologies or something else arrives. GPT-4 is rumored to arrive one of these months or years, offering potential processing power that could crunch 32 trillion parameters of data—which could greatly improve the race to perfecting content creation with deep learning.

But in the end... great content needs to reflect a brand’s actual tone and style. And at the same time be optimized for targeted readers that have different needs throughout their buying journey, and different elements bolted on to appeal to the AI-powered search engines.

Unfortunately, NONE of the products on the market have the ability to customize the input to quality output with the type of tenacity that is required for true-blue content marketing success.

Can they get close? Maybe.

Do they need an editor looking over the fire hose to make sure no one gets injured? Definitely.

Having said that, if you can stay away from long-form requests for AI-powered content, the results can get better and serve a great purpose to help writers save time with research, development, optimization, and creation from scratch.

Look for WriterAccess to keep advancing the revolution, with creative solutions, integrations, partnerships and more for BOTH our customers and writers.

Hope that helps, and thanks for reading.


Can we receive an invoice by the freelancers for international tax compliance?

Many of our international customers have asked us to create an invoicing process for their compliance with tax filings. They’re looking for the freelancer to submit an invoice for their work completed in WriterAccess, one that is “created” by the freelancer, agreed to by the customers.

Although customer payments would still go to WriterAccess, an invoice directly from the freelancer seems to have more alignment with the tax policy. We’re currently researching all this and discussing it with our customers and tax consultant, to sort out the best plan. Look for a post on our Product Roadmap soon to up-vote this new feature.