Automatically Pull-in Images Uploaded to Flickr

NOTE: This functionality will be sunset in an upcoming release. 

Dashboard > Any Live Stream > Menu > Automate > Media
Permission Level 
Administrator  |  Editor


Attaching a Flickr account to your Live account allows you to import images from Flickr as they are uploaded to your account. With this feature, you can track a specific photographer over time, or accept a "fire hose" of photos from the same source.

  1. After navigating to Menu > Automate > Media, you can insert a Flickr username into the text box and connect the account.

  2. After an account is connected, the page will show photos attached to the account as a way of verifying that it is the correct one. In this case, it is showing photos I have taken.
  3. You will need to Cancel or Confirm that you own the rights to the photographs being brought in.Cancelling will cancel the process, while Confirming will complete the process.
  4. You may disconnect the account in the future if you so desire.