API Update: Target Content into the Moderation Hub

You can now target your API content into the Moderation Hub, instead of directly publishing it. This adds another layer of moderation when creating posts via the API. 

**Note: This feature is only available in CONTENT STUDIO** 


Sending content into the Moderation Hub:

  • Marking content to go directly into the Moderation Hub can be done by adding a send to moderation parameter to current calls that add content to events. 

Once sent into the Moderation Hub:

  • API content will appear in the Moderation Hub without requiring a page refresh
  • In the Moderation Hub, a user can apply a filter (e.g. "API content") to view only those posts added via API
  • API content targeted to the Moderation Hub will be visible from the Moderation Hub by all users with access. Users will be able to directly publish/approve the post, add tags, drag the post to the Rich Text Editor, or delete the post.


Tagging content via the API:

We also offer the ability to tag this targeted content via the API. This option allows users to set tags on their custom posts, and then use this tag to manage the content from Content Studio.

For example, an organization can submit custom video files into the Moderation Hub and pre-tag them with a "video" tag or the name of a featured event such as "Rio2016". From the Moderation Hub, an editor can then quickly search for all content with those specific tags and publish as needed.

Once published, the tag is passed as meta data with the post, so it can be leveraged to create a custom front-end experience. For example, an organization could feature all posts tagged "video" and "Rio2016" in a special front-end visualization dedicated to this content.