Access issues

In this article, you will learn what to do when you are unable to login to your website's WordPress administrative area.

Most common error

Some of our customers face difficulties when logging into WordPress through our platform. The most commonly reported error is the following:

The Invalid ID token message means that the user who is registered in the Rock Stage infrastructure is not registered on WordPress for the site you are trying to access. See below what to do to work around this problem:

Access to WP-Admin

To access the administrative area of your website or blog — the place where you manage its functionality, such as plugins, comments, content, and posts, for example — it is necessary that on the login screen, you click on “Login with WordPress username”, as shown below:

The following screen will appear:

And then, just log in with the username and password registered on your WordPress.

Access to Rock Stage

Now, if you want to access the administrative area of the hosting — where you will find settings for domain pointing and Security Certificate — just go to and fill in your credentials registered on our platform.