What is Community Content?

Community Content is a turnkey platform that allows your audience, fans, and readers to easily send in images and videos of breaking news, weather, sports, community events and other topics of interest. Content can be submitted through several sources including: web upload through our white label hosted web pages, email, mobile, api, and social media - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Community Content helps your company to Live your audience and empower them to share the news and events that are important to them.


The Community Content platform gives you the ability to:

  • Integrate the platform seamlessly into your existing website 
  • Easily moderate content and users
  • Let your audience upload content directly to the site, send via e-mail, mobile phone, or submit to various social media sites
  • Create feeds and widgets for content to be showcased on your home and story pages
  • Customize the look and feel of the hosted web page experience
  • Create photo and video contests for your audience
Customers managing the Community Content platform will login to manage.cc.scribblelive.com. Admins have the ability to control how content is imported, moderated, displayed, and syndicated.
Import Content
Upon setup of your Community Content site, a branded email address is created and synched to the Community Content Moderation tool. Audiences will send in photos and videos to the branded email address and administrators have the ability to moderate/edit content for display.
Inside the Manager portal, administrators can enable the import of content from Social Media by accessing the Social Imports tool. Hashtags, Twitter Mention Names, and Facebook Profile Accounts can be turned on as another means for the audience to submit content.
We provide several upload capabilities; Mobile, Web, Widget, and API.
Moderate Content
The Moderation tool allows Admins to approve, delete, edit metadata, categorize, download, and view user content from one screen. All submissions can be found in the Moderation gallery.
Display Content
Hosted Webpage
Once content has been approved in the Moderation tool, it will be published on the hosted webpage (white label). From there, audiences can upload, browse, comment, and share content to social media.
Users can customize the look and feel of their white label by adding Welcome MessagesAd Positions, Sidebar SectionsContent IslandsChannel Galleries and Upload Form Headers. Within the manager portal administrators have access to the white label Wrapper, Style Sheet, and Terms of Service sections that can be edited at anytime.
There are 6 types of display widgets available: SlideshowThumbnail CarouselSingle ImageSidebar, Pinboard, and White Label. Widgets allow customers to display content on their main CMS  and are meant to be an entry point to the hosted web site.
Syndicate Content
On Air
The Community Content On Air Application allows customers to quickly show submissions from CC on-air using a scan converter. This application combines a branded background graphic with images and videos, along with accompanying text, from the CC site. Administrators can quickly create a playlist of images and videos to show instantly on-air or saved to be shown at a later point. If a user had added a title or description to a image or video, that will be shown below the image or video. Before any text or content is shown on-air, your administrator must approve it.