Tips for making a proposal in the best way on iClips

The proposal connects to the other documents in iClips. See how to best deliver it to your client.

A good proposal makes all the difference for quality work and a satisfied customer. But, before you actually get to it, it is important that you already know your customer well, what they want for that job and what services you will provide them. And this can be done directly, through the creation of pieces, or indirectly, through graphic materials and events that depend on suppliers and also through promotion in media outlets, for example.

We created this system that will help you understand the steps of a proposal:

How to make a proposal to a customer:

Step 1

  • Register the pieces and price table for media outlets
  • Those will serve as the basis for the job and the proposal sent to the customer
Step 2
  • Open the job and add the pieces that will be created/promoted
  • The pieces will appear as internal costs within the proposal
Step 3
  • Set up the budgets for multiple demands with suppliers
  • After the proposal is approved, the budget becomes a Service Order (SO)
Step 4
  • Write the media plan to show the customer
  • It should bring the number of insertions, values, and months of promotion; it will serve as the basis for the media map
Step 5
  • Create the job proposal. It should automatically bring the pieces, budgets, events, and media you created
  • After the approval, the proposal will generate SOs for the created budgets
Step 6
  • All done! The customer approved the proposal?
  • Time to write up your media map to send to the media outlets.

When you create a proposal for a customer project, everything in the system related to it is automatically pulled into it. There, you will have the option of checking what will be shown to the customer, including taxes and fees, if any.

That is why it is so important to design the process first, as you will be able to apply it to iClips in the best possible way. After doing a full briefing ask yourself: will this job involve creating pieces? Events? Graphic production? Traditional media or digital media? Does the customer have a monthly fee contract? Will the agency be able to choose suppliers or will it present options for the customer to choose from? What is the deadline to deliver this job? How much is the budget available?

Proposals and connections in iClips

How documents link up in the system and which path you should follow to create all of them and create an impeccable proposal to send to your customer

Before you begin

  • Always have your customer registrations, pieces and media outlet information up to date, including their price tables
  • Identify which pieces will be created, which will require external services and which will be broadcast in media outlets
  • Open a job for the customer and add the pieces that will be created/promoted in Jobs > Job
Budget >> Proposal >> SO
The SO only exists in the system after a budget is approved in a proposal
  • Jobs > Budget
    • The budget is a quotation document with prices from suppliers.
  • Jobs > Proposal
    • An approved proposal generates a SO for each supplier with the requested services
  • Jobs > SO
    • The service order (SO) is a request for a service execution to a supplier

Planning >> Proposal >> IO

A media map doesn't depend on the planning to exist, as they complement each other

  • Jobs > Media planning
    • A document sent to the customer with suggestions for insertions by month and amount
  • Jobs > Approved proposal
    • The customer approves what was planned
  • Jobs > Media Map
    • Documents sent to the media outlet to request the insertions
Price table >> Media map
  • Registrations > Media outlets > Price table
    • The price table is the basis for the IO, as it has information on the programming and values for each media outlet
  • Traditional media such as radio, TV and newspapers already have a built table that is ready to be filled.
  • Non-traditional media require the creation of their table at Registrations > Media Settings > Other Types of Media according to the kind of broadcast to be done

If you work with events, the system below will help you understand your development on iClips: Event >> Proposal >> SO

The SO only exists in the system after the event's items and approved in a proposal

  • Registration > Job Settings > Event Checklist
    • Item standardization is necessary for an event's production by the agency. Such as catering, staff, sound, lighting, space rent...
  • Jobs > Event
    • Filling of the items already registered while selecting suppliers, the event dates, amount of items, and others.
  • Jobs > Proposal
    • A sent proposal generates a service order (SO) for each kind of supplier chosen for the event
  • Jobs > SO
    • The service order (SO) is a request for service execution to the supplier. After it is approved, the system informs the number of generated SOs.

And in case you offer the service of creating and promoting digital media campaigns, we also have our own planning for this in the system:

Digital media > Proposal

Planning the budget for sponsored social media content
  • Jobs > Digital media
    • Documents sent to customers with suggestions for publications to be promoted per month, how much will be invested, and who will be paying
  • There, you also define if it is the agency that will charge for the monitoring and whether the commission will be built into the budget or charged separately
  • Jobs > Proposal
    • After the proposal is approved by the customer, the agency can start the creation/boosting of the posts

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