Overview Report [Video]

Check out an overview of all reports within iClips!

Did you know that iClips has more than 40 reports? Through them you can create management strategies more effectively. In this video you will be able to see what they are and learn a little about some of these reports.

Customer Ranking (0:56);
Project cost (1:48);
Budget management (2:14);
Commission per supplier (2:30);
Investment summary (2:54);
Closing the Job (3:20);
Closing of the client (3:40);
Project payment status (4:16);
Sales indicators (4:41);
Service commissions (5:00);
Receivables pending (5:18);
Client profitability (5:30);
Project profitability (5:43);
Inbound Marketing (5:50);
Project status (6:00);
Cost of pieces (6:30);
Pieces created (6:50);
Current activities of employees (6:59);
Project assistance (7:15);
Status of pieces (7:20);
Duration of activities / Duration of cost activities (7:40);
Employee Performance (8:00);
Steps of the piece (8:50);
Number of reworking / monthly reworking tax (9:00);