Liveblogging? - START HERE!

Liveblogging is telling a story in real time. Our technology gives you the ability to publish content quickly, which allows your audiences to get moment-to-moment coverage of a special event.

Truly compelling liveblogging requires a writer to craft a story with the fast-moving facts. This skill can be developed by understanding how to prepare for the unexpected!

Here are our liveblogging tips!

Before your liveblog:

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  • Set up a stream
  • Invite writers to your stream
  • Determine how you will publish
  • Get familiar with the Live platform
  • Promote your event

During your liveblog:

  • Create original content in the Content Studio
  • Enhance your content with posts from social networks
  • Live your audience
  • Amplify on social media and the Live Market

After your liveblog:

  • Archive the event
  • Retell the story
  • Look for other story opportunities

Happy liveblogging!

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