LinkedIn: Autofill Ion forms with LinkedIn data

You can offer respondents the option to autofill an Ion form with their LinkedIn profile data. Successful implementation of LinkedIn's Autofill script will add an "Autofill with LinkedIn" Button to your Ion form(s). If clicked, the form will populate with data retrieved from LinkedIn.

Before we begin

To leverage LinkedIn's Autofill script, you'll need an authorized API key, which is offered to LinkedIn services subscribers. Follow the steps below to obtain an authorized API key from LinkedIn.

  • Create an app on LinkedIn via their developer site
  • Have your LinkedIn services representative authorize the client id generated by the app for use as an autofill API key

There are a few items you'll want to have ready in Ion in order to set up this integration.

  • Ion form with data collection fields you seek to populate with LinkedIn data
  • Testing creative

Let's get started!

1. Generate LinkedIn Autofill script

Follow the steps below to generate LinkedIn's Autofill script for use on your Ion form.

  • Visit LinkedIn's Autofill script generator 
  • Visit your testing creative via an ion traffic source and view the page source
  • Complete the LinkedIn for by inputting the form and field names
  • Click "get code" and copy your script

2. Add LinkedIn script to your ion script library

Follow the steps below to store and manage LinkedIn script in ion's global script library.

  • Under the Libraries navigation menu, select Scripts
  • Add a new category labeled LinkedIn and save
  • Click on +script and label it Form - Autofill
  • Optionally add a description
  • Paste your LinkedIn script into the editor
  • Save

3. Add LinkedIn script to your ion form page(s)

Follow the steps below to add your LinkedIn script to ion form pages.

  • Navigate into the form page
  • From the creative studio Page tab, click on +Scripts
  • From the form menu, select LinkedIn > Form - Autofill
  • Save
  • Repeat for each applicable form page

4. Test your Integration

Follow the steps below to test your LinkedIn Autofill integration

  • Visit the traffic source URL for your testing creative
  • If you're already logged into LinkedIn, you'll see the LinkedIn Autofill button available toward the top of your form
    • If not already logged in, a LinkedIn log in button will first appear
  • Click the autofill button and your ion form will populate with data retrieved from LinkedIn

Nice job!

Your LinkedIn Autofill integration is ready to roll out to all applicable form pages. Feel free to reach out to our Support team if you need any help.