How to set deadlines in iClips?

Find out how this feature can optimize your work routine.

You may have already noticed that a piece's data tab has 2 date fields: the deadline and the publication/placement.

  • The date of publication/placement serves for the piece to appear in the editorial calendar and also to guide the person responsible for this stage of the workflow when the publication should take place.
  • The deadline, in addition to guiding the date when the part should be ready, can optimize the end dates of each stage in the workflow.

Let's see how this works!

Setting the deadline

To get started, go to Settings > Piece Templates, click on the desired piece and go to Workflow.

Here you can create a workflow from scratch or choose one of the iClips standards, for either digital or traditional media.


At each stage of the workflow, you can inform the system how many days before the deadline it should be completed. Please notice that these days can be weekdays only for regular calendar days.

If you prefer, you can even set a responsible person if it is always the same person who does a certain activity.


Now, every time you create a project with this piece and put the deadline date, it will calculate the end date of each step of the workflow based on this configuration.

Creating a project

By going to Projects > Projects, you can choose to create a new project or edit an existing one. Then, simply go to the pieces tab, add the desired piece and fill in the deadline in the data tab.


Did the deadline change during the process? Don't worry! Every time you make a change to the date, iClips will ask if you want to change the date of the steps. This can happen even if one or more steps have already been completed.

And this change can be made both inside the project and through the activity management screen.


Our goal is to make life easier for service agents and traffic while optimizing the agency's routine, which is always very busy and constantly deals with changes in deadlines.

Do you still need help? Please reach out to us at or the platform chat!