How to monitor and guide demands on my employees?

In this article, we will see, in a few minutes, how the service's demands reach the creation calendar.

The project's arrival on the creation calendar is the start for several other services within iClips. For this reason, we made this material to help you make the most of all the benefits of this process.

We have previously shown how the project and piece status is important for getting the piece into the creative. If you haven't seen it yet, click here and stay on top of that information.

After filling in the project's initial information, such as briefing, piece, and description, it's time to direct the demand to the creation calendar.

How is the distribution of pieces made by service or by traffic/project director?

There are two ways to distribute parts to traffic:

  • For the service at the time of opening the project.
  • Through the activity management dashboard.

How to distribute pieces by service?

If your agency uses its own service to perform the pieces' distribution, this action happens when the pieces are inserted into the project. Click on Workflow, open the stage, and fill in a start and end date, start and end time of the activity, and the person responsible for receiving this demand.

When choosing this start/end date option and the person in charge, the piece will automatically be forwarded to the responsible person's My activities dashboard.

How to distribute pieces using traffic/activity management?

It's possible to view the employees' calendar and choose the person in charge according to their availability through the activity management dashboard.

The Kanban model allows you to follow the path that the activity is within iClips and is an excellent visualization and distribution way.

Another visualization form is the Gantt model, which brings the vision of the employees' calendar. That's the only way to see the employees' global calendar and readjust some information by clicking on the activity.

After visualizing which employee the piece will be sent to, it's necessary to allocate this demand. To do this, you can use the Calendar by dragging the activity onto the person's calendar.


The Blocks view of the dashboard allows the distribution of parts. That happens for the items Pieces without responsible and Pieces without a date.

The List view is the last view that allows you to distribute via the activity management dashboard. To access the field where the information for distribution will be inserted, click on the piece to be directed.

Creation calendar

After distribution, the person in charge will receive the piece that will be worked on in the New column, on My Activities dashboard.

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