How to Find the Right Quick Start for Your Next Project

So, you’re ready to start building your next (or maybe first) interactive content experience in the ion platform? That’s great! Sometimes, the idea itself is the most challenging part of the content creation journey.

With the ion platform, you have access to over 100 Quick Start templates to streamline the process from idea to launch. But, with a template catalog as extensive as ours, it can become challenging for even the most skilled marketer to pick the right Quick Start for their unique needs. Luckily, we do offer a few ways to help you get started.

Quick Start Finder Tool

When you have settled on an idea for your next interactive content piece, take a moment and visit our Quick Start Finder Tool. We created this tool to give a simple approach to determining which Quick Starts fit your primary objective, traffic, and the intended placement for this content experience. For example, if you are aiming to increase leads and you are targeting top funnel prospects, we might recommend an ebook or maybe even an assessment over something like an infographic, which is an excellent option for high funnel prospects but is less of a lead driver.

If you have a draft of the content you will use in your upcoming piece, tell us about your project here and a member of our creative services team will reach out as soon as possible to help you choose a Quick Start!