How to delete Studio files?

In this article, you will see in just a few minutes how to view all your files.

To view all your files in Studio go to Projects > Files library.


You can filter the files by client, project, asset and status, optimizing the search for the work done by your company.


Select the specific file group > open it and click "delete".


Important: It is not possible to select more than one group at a time to delete and, if the file is linked to a social network in your projects, the system will show the following alert:


In this case, you need to remove the link and delete the file from within the asset. Go to projects > project > asset > files and delete the file:


You can also delete in in the social media tab:

Screenshot_8-Aug-23-2022-01-37-37-96-PMIf this asset has been linked to the publishing schedule, you will also need to go to projects > publishing schedule > find the asset > remove the file



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