How to define a briefing within the project template?

To optimize your work, you can include the standard questions for each briefing in the project template.

Defining the campaign/project briefing to be prepared is a fundamental step for any agency. On iClips, we incorporated the briefing into the project template.

Advantages of defining the briefing in the project template

The briefing is considered an essential step in an agency. It is through it that we define the initial work scope. Thus, to optimize the time and information organization for everyone involved in the project, we can standardize the information in the template.

How to register the briefing

The first step to register a briefing is to create a Project Template where the briefing will be assigned. To register, go to Settings > Project Template.

Then click on the option +New Project Template, or " + Novo modelo de Projeto".

When opening the pop-up, give the template a title and define:

  • Whether or not it will be standard, this means that whenever you open a Project in iClips, the system will pull it, but you can remove it and exchange it for another one if you wish.
  • And if it is an active template. That means that the agency is using this template.

Once you have filled in this information, click Save and continue.

The next step is to insert the standard briefing questions that will correspond to this template. To do this, click on New Question.

You can also define the order in which registered questions are displayed by clicking on and dragging them.

After registration, all questions created will appear in a list according to the defined order of display.

There you go, your project template already has linked briefing questions. This feature will optimize your time when opening a new project.

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