How to copy a project in iClips?

Learn how to replicate a project while maintaining key information.

Do you have a monthly fee contract and develop the same project for the same customer every month? Does this also happen among different customers? Through the "Duplicate" option in your iClips project, it is possible to replicate information for different projects, customers, and dates.

The first step is to open the project as you would normally do. Fill in the customer information, customer service, briefing, select your content and tasks, mark the ones responsible... After your project is saved, you can click the "Duplicate" option in the upper right corner of the screen.

A pop-up window will open for you to fill in the required information.

By default, the system will display the title of the current project, but you can change it in the title field. The customer can also be kept or changed as needed.

As before, when saving as/duplicating, the calls, the customer service, and the activities (content and tasks) should remain the same as in the original project. You can also choose whether or not to copy the following information:

  • Budgets: all budgets for the base project will be copied with the same information for the new project.
  • Events: all events of the base project will be copied with the same information to the new project, with the difference that the date of the event will remain.

You can also choose whether or not to keep those responsible and activity dates. What would change in these cases?

  • Responsible for activities: when you select this item, the ones responsible for all tasks and stages of the part flow are copied from one project to the other. Before, this option was mandatory and now it's optional.
  • Activity dates: when you select this option, the dates of all tasks and steps in the parts flow are copied with a difference: it is possible to keep the same dates or postpone them for days or months.

When one chooses to KEEP the dates, it is simple: they will remain the same as in the original project. If you have a task in project 1 to be carried out between 01/15 and 01/17, it will remain that way in project 2 when it is saved as.

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When one chooses to DEFER DATES, a world of options opens up. Let's understand how this works in practice.

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Postpone dates by a number of DAYS skipping non-business days: you pick the number of days to add to the start and end date of each activity, and if any activity date happens to be on the weekend or holiday, iClips transfers that date for the next business day.

Let's suppose that I have a project with a post on Facebook with the following steps of the flow:

Creation 1/14/19 to 1/16/19 (Monday to Wednesday)

Revision 1/17/19 to 1/18/19 (Thursday to Friday)

Publication 1/21/19 (Monday of the following week)

If one chooses to defer by 2 days skipping non-business days, the system will add 2 to all the dates. However, if any of them end up being on a weekend, they will be transferred to the next working day. In this example it would look like this:

Creation 1/16/19 to 1/18/19 (Wednesday to Friday)

In theory, review would be from 1/19/19 to 1/20/19. However, the dates 1/19 and 1/20 are weekends, "overwriting" the deadline of the responsible person, who would have no working day to carry out an activity that originally would have to be carried out in 2 business days. By choosing the option to postpone dates skipping non-business days, the review activity will be placed between the dates 1/21/19 to 1/22/19 (Monday to Tuesday of the following week).

Publication: 1/23/19 (Wednesday).

Postpone dates for a number of calendar days: with this option, iClips adds the number of days you specify for the start and end dates, regardless of whether they end up being on weekends or holidays.

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In the example above, postponing 2 days in this option, the steps would look like this:

Creation 1/16/19 to 1/18/19 (Wednesday to Friday)

Revision 1/19/19 to 1/20/19 (Saturday to Sunday)

Publication 1/23/19 (Wednesday)

Note that the customer service agent can choose the option that best fits the agency's needs and perform manual changes in case the review happens to be on the weekend.

So, when you select the option to copy dates, iClips suggests that you change the project status to "Stand by" because by copying dates and the one responsible and keeping the job in "Authorized" status, pieces and tasks go directly to the creation step. It is recommended that the project manager confers with the team before sending the demands to those responsible.

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Postpone dates for a number of MONTHS skipping non-business days: with this option, you can keep the dates of each step and change the month.

Following the example above, postponing the dates of each step by 1 month would look like this:

Creation 2/14/19 to 2/18/19 (as 2/16 is Saturday, the end date was on the next business day)

Revision 2/18/19 to 2/19/19 (in this case, the starting date of this step would be 2/17, but since it's on a Sunday, it was moved to Monday, 2/18/19)

Publication 2/21/19 (Thursday)

Postpone dates for a number of MONTHS without skipping the business days: in this case, the dates are postponed to the chosen month, regardless of whether the steps end up being on holidays or weekends.

In our example, when postponing for a month, it would look like this:

Creation 2/14/19 to 2/16/19 (Wednesday to Friday)

Revision 2/17/19 to 2/18/19 (Sunday to Monday)

Publication 2/21/19 (Thursday)

Some important notes:

The project's entry date will default to the date you are copying the project.

The presentation dates and completion will be changed according to the difference that existed between them and the date of entry of the old project. For example: if between the entry date and the submission date there are 3 days, the submission date will be today's date +3 days when you save as this project on today's date.

The events' dates, if they are copied, will remain when saving the project.

Municipal and state holidays count as business days on iClips; the holidays that will be skipped are the national holidays below:

January 1: New Year

April 21: Tiradentes

May 1: World Labor Day

September 7: Independence of Brazil

October 12: Our Lady of Aparecida

November 2: All Souls

November 15: Proclamation of the Republic

December 25: Christmas

Variable dates: Carnival Tuesday, Good Friday, and Corpus Christi.

Turning the project into a template

In addition to the option to "Duplicate" your project, you can also turn it into a project template, keeping as standard for the pieces, tasks, and briefing used in it.

To do this, just select the option "Save as template":

Do you still need help? Please reach out to us at or the platform chat!