How to copy a piece inside iClips?

Learn how to easily replicate the piece's workflow.

Often in a closed project with a customer, the service area has the need to create recurring pieces. Posts for social networks, for example, usually happen every day or 3 times a week and they can be created by the same people on the same dates.

To facilitate this process, learn about the feature to replicate pieces in a project.

First click on PROJECTS > PROJECT, edit the desired project and go to the pieces tab. Follow the procedure that you normally do, filling in the briefing of the piece and your workflow, with dates and people in charge. After the piece is ready you can copy it with all its information.

Select the checkbox of the desired piece and click on ACTIONS > MAKE A COPY. Fill in the desired number of copies:

GIF 07-05-2020 20-50-15

Watch out! When copying a piece, the briefing, format, service, and workflow steps will remain the same and the piece status will initially be in progress. You can choose some more information to copy:

  • Piece deadline
  • Publish/broadcast date
  • People in charge for the stages
  • Step dates

When you choose to copy dates and the people in charge, the system suggests that you change the status of the piece to ‘stand by’ so that you can have time to evaluate the information before sending it for the creation are for execution.

By selecting the option to copy dates, you can keep or postpone the dates.

If you choose to keep the same dates, just click on SAVE, and all information will be copied from the original piece.

For example, a creation step that starts on Feb 13 and ends on Feb 17 will be copied with the same dates.

If you choose to postpone the dates, you can choose whether that postponement will be for days or months.

➤ To postpone dates by a number of DAYS skipping non-working days: you choose the number of days to add to the start and end date of each step in the workflow and, if any date falls on a weekend or holiday, iClips transfers that date for the next business day. In addition to weekends, iClips will also skip national holidays:

  • January 1: New Year
  • April 21: Tiradentes
  • May 1: World Labor Day
  • September 7: Independence of Brazil
  • October 12: Nossa Senhora Aparecida
  • November 2: All Souls
  • November 15: Proclamation of the Republic
  • December 25: Christmas
  • Variable dates: Carnival Tuesday, Good Friday, and Corpus Christi.

➤ To postpone dates for a number of calendar DAYS: in this option, iClips will add the number of days you specify for the start and end dates, regardless of whether they fall on weekends or holidays.

➤ To postpone dates for a number of MONTHS skipping non-working days: in this option, you keep the days of the stage and change the month. If the same day in the other month is a national holiday or weekend, iClips will automatically transfer the step date to the next business day.

➤ To postpone dates for a number of MONTHS without skipping the working days: in this case, the dates are postponed to the chosen month, regardless of whether the steps fall on holidays or weekends.

If you want to make more than 30 copies of a piece, for security reasons, iClips will confirm that this is what you want.

Always have in mind to check if all dates are correct before sending the agenda for the creation area.

Do you still need help? Please reach out to us at or the platform chat!