How to configure a workflow?

If you have always wanted a personalized workflow to meet your agency's dynamics, check below how you can use this new feature!

The path is Settings > Piece Templates.

By clicking on the piece, you can create a workflow to be followed whenever it is added to a project. Please remember that it is possible to change this flow, if necessary when creating a project.

The blue steps mark execution steps and the yellow ones, approval steps, in which it is possible to “Complete with changes” so that iClips returns this piece as a “Changed” step.

To change the steps according to your agency's rhythm, just follow the image above.

In addition, you can predefine how many days before the deadline the step must be completed. This allows you to organize delivery times in a more assertive manner. You can also define a default manager, in case your the agency's responsible person for that task is always the same.

If you use the customer module, this is where you add the client into the job's approval flow. The next step is to create a “Customer Approval” stage.

Now you have everything to create a personalized workflow according to your agency's organization and open your first project!

Do you still need help? Please reach out to us at or the platform chat!