Community Content New Features

Possibly released end of next week - Complete by June 27th.

1. Slideshow

  • -Display change
  • -Picture don't get cut off - responsive
  • -Captions were cut full caption displays on hover - overlay at bottom
  • -Preview of images at bottom: scroll through to view batches at bottom
  • -Clicking on image open lightbox - no redirection to the whitelabel
  • Play button play the slideshow
  • Expand slideshow to full screen
  • SHOW CAPTIONS button - by default it's on...X at top right allows you to hide the slideshow...all future captions will be hidden until you click the Show Captions button.
  • Previously  - only showed the first limit to the number of images in the slideshow


2. White Label

  • Default display shows all content islands on home page
  • Select from options: featured, recently added, contests, channel, etc...
  • You can select a particular channel to display by default...
  • Using THAT embed code will allow clients to display only that channel..
  • Users can still navigate to other channels using the white label menu
  • Upload button - still sends to multiple channel