Anchor Links

You may add anchor links to your Ion pages to scroll down to a certain place on a given page. To do so, you will first want to set up an anchor on your page. This can be done by selecting the container/element you want to anchor down to and then click the anchor icon in the top right corner of your creative studio.


This will open a textbox into which you will type the anchor you want to use.


With this in place, if someone were to visit your traffic source URL with #Scientists appended to it, it would anchor down to this section. Below, please find an example of what a URL with this hashtag appended would look like.

Should you want to have a button that anchors to this section, you may do so by added a hashtag to the page you are going to when that button is clicked. You will see this option when setting the action for the link. Simply click the Add #hashtag button when setting up the action to match the a ID value that was created in the code block.

You may also choose the same page that you are already on within the “Go to Page” action if the goal is to simply go to another part of the page instead of going to another page.